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2nd National New Psychoactive Substances Conference 2015


Thursday 25th June 2015

Park Inn Hotel, Northampton


Evidence shows that the use of New Psychoactive Substances 
in the UK continues to pose an increasing threat, not only to 
the health and well being of users, but to society as a whole.

The sale and use of NPS are placing increasing pressure on our public services and, as identifed in the case of Lincolnshire City Council, they are having a persistent, detrimental impact on local communities.

With increasing use of NPS within our prison population, to what extent is it now impacting on other areas such as home life, the workplace, on our roads and indeed amongst the homeless? 

At the frst national conference in 2014, delegates 
overwhelmingly agreed that there is no single solution to 
the problem but a key element to defeating this growing 
trend was one of effective education of all those affected. It 
was also evident that legislation to allow those tasked with 
preventing the sale and distribution of NPS needed to provide 
a clear framework in which to work.

Much has happened with regards to NPS in the past year 
such as the recent Home Offce review and conclusions of 
the expert panel. Emerging issues include how best to provide 
an emergency health response to those affected and support 
them through any recovery period. At a time of increasing 
demand in this area, set against a background of reduced 
resources, can we realistically deliver an effective response? 

This conference will provide speakers and delegates with an 
opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences as well 
as hearing about how we are fghting back and the latest 
national perspective on NPS.

New Psychoactive Substances Conference 2015



Please click here to see the presentations for the day

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