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National Rural Crime Seminar 2015


The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham


The wide ranging definition of rural crime being 'any Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour that takes place in a rural location' means that the challenges faced in tackling these areas of criminality are immense.

These challenges can only be effectively addressed through a common goal of ‘working together' to bring down the occurring levels of rural crime.

With policing priorities traditionally focused on urban policing, officers often lack the specialist knowledge to deal with crimes committed on farms, within agricultural businesses and in the rural community.

This year's seminar will focus on highlighting areas of good practice in respect of education, prevention, detection and prosecution alongside the important role that modern technology can play to assist in providing more efficient and effective service delivery.

For those affected by rural crime, the service provided should be no less significant than that for someone living in our inner cities. This can only truly be achieved by ‘working together'.

This seminar will be of particular interest to strategists, managers, practitioners, lobbying groups and community groups who have an interest if addressing rural crime including:

Police Service
Police and Crime Commissioners
Neighbourhood and Home Watch
Environment Agency
Local Authorities
Insurance Industry
Security Providers
Representative Bodies
Service Providers
Technology Companies
Land Owners
UK Border Agency